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Mass Finishing Process
- Deflashing
- Descaling
- Radiusing
- Surface polishing
- Pre-plate finishing
The Principles
The machine controls the rotating direction and speed of parts, media, compound and water. The ongoing action creates a deburring and polishing results. All of the parts from this process will be identical.
The Machine
There are several types of machines that create different methods of movement such as:

Centrifugal barrel rotation

Centrifugal spinning disc

The Media
Available in ceramic, plastic, metal and natural meterial; The different features of media are;
weight, shape, & size
size and hardness of abrasive contents
The Compound
The major purposes of the compound are as follows:
lubricate the polishing process
cleaning of parts and media surfaces to allow direct contact
preventing the surface of the part from oxidizing
give the media longer life
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